High-Quality Private Dental Care in Jerusalem & Haifa

Offering a full range of dental services. Your treatment helps to fund care for the less fortunate.


Providing High Quality Dental Care To All

Receive high-quality professional care tailored to your needs.

What’s different about our clinics?

When you choose Hatikva Dental as your private dental clinic, you pay the same or less than you would at any private clinic, receive professional care, and simultaneously help to finance the dental treatment of your less fortunate neighbor for whom treatment would be unattainable without your help.

Our inspiration to serve the public is found in the teachings of Yeshua, whose core message is to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves.  All are welcome at our clinic regardless of religion, race, or background.

So while we serve you, you serve others.


Wide Range of Dental Services

We exist to serve you and serve our society. Here are the dental services that we offer.

Dental Examination & Treatment Plan

If you are dealing with dental problems or pain in your teeth, call us today to set your initial examination. One of our dentists will perform a thorough examination and create a treatment plan specific to your needs.

Routine Dental Health Checkups

To maintain good dental health, scheduling a routine checkup is essential, even if you are not experiencing pain. Early detection of tooth decay saves you time, money, and unnecessary pain.

Dental Cleanings & Teeth Whitening

Our dental hygienists perform both regular and deep cleanings. To maintain healthy teeth and gums, have your teeth cleaned at least twice a year. We also provide teeth whitening treatments as well as home kits to give you a fresh smile.

Dental Fillings & Protection

We provide both composite and amalgam fillings, which are vital for stopping tooth decay. If you come in to get fillings done in time, you can save yourself the pain and cost of more expensive treatments required when tooth damage is more severe.

Root Canals & Tooth Extractions

Root canal treatment saves and repairs infected and damaged teeth before your tooth is beyond repair. In case your tooth has been damaged from decay or an injury and must be extracted, we will offer a range of treatments to complete your smile.

Crowns, Bridges & Preservation

Restorative dental work preserves and protects your damaged tooth. We work with both porcelain and zirconia crowns according to your personal needs and make sure your teeth are kept safe from further damage.

Dental Dentures & Comfort

Full and partial dentures are a low-cost solution to replace missing teeth. We repair and clean old dentures, as well as creating new quality dentures that will improve your quality of life for many years to come.

Dental Implants & Sinus Lifts

One solution to missing teeth includes this simple surgical procedure in which the implant replaces your missing tooth root. We also perform sinus lifts to create proper space for the implant and add on porcelain crowns or attach a denture.

Orthodontic Treatments & Braces

We provide up-to-date treatments to straighten your teeth. Your teeth are worth the investment. Call today to arrange a consultation with one of our dentists. We will offer our professional advice and determine if braces are a good solution for you.

"When I come for treatment to HaTikva clinic I feel that I am walking into my own home and that all of the staff are my family members. The personal and professional care is above and beyond anything you would think of as it relates to dental care."


Our Dental Clinics

We currently have two locations. See below the contact info for our clinics in Jerusalem and Haifa.

Jerusalem Dental Clinic

Contact Us

Phone: 02-573-1773
Email: [email protected]

Visit Us

Address: Hillel Street 23, Jerusalem

Opening Hours

Sunday - Closed
Monday - 9:00-14:00
Tuesday - 9:00-17:00
Wednesday - 9:00-17:00
Thursday - 9:00-17:00

Haifa - Qiryat Haim Dental Clinic

Contact Us

Phone: 04-774-7959
Email: [email protected]

Visit Us

Address: Sderot Achi Eilat 9, Qiryat Haim

Opening Hours

Sunday - Closed
Monday - 9:00-17:00
Tuesday - 9:00-17:00
Wednesday - Closed
Thursday - 9:00-17:00

Everyone Deserves High Quality Dental Care.

Book your dental appointment now and see how we can improve your wellbeing.

HaTikva Dental offers high quality dental care in Jerusalem and Haifa while supporting the less fortunate.