Hatikva Dental | Eligibility
Dentist, Israel, Jerusalem
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Apply for our Subsidy Program:

Criteria for receiving subsidized pricing for dental care

Those who meet the criteria listed below will be considered eligible for discounted prices for dental care. For purpose of clarification, the following conditions represent general guidelines for eligibility to receive discounted care and those who meet all of them will generally be accepted. However, the final decision is reserved for the judgment of the amutah on a case by case basis.


  1. Discounts will be given only to Israeli citizens or legal residents which are found in a financial crisis without regard to religion, race or sex.
  2. Every patient is permitted to request a discount on the price of dental care by providing the following documents.
    1. Official request form for subsidy.
    2. Paystubs for the past three months leading up to submission of the request.
    3. A copy of one’s Teudat Zehut.
    4. Bank statements which detail all transactions for all held bank accounts and savings accounts for the two month period leading up to submission of the request.
  3. Approval of discounts will be issued after counseling with the management of the amutah or any other individual in the amutah to whom the authority is delegated by the board to make such decisions. Each request will be considered based upon its specific details.
  4. Every request will be subject to the consideration of the amutah and all decisions made are final.
  5. As a condition of receiving a discount, all those who are approved must sign a letter of approval wherein it is agreed, among other items, that the amutah is permitted to use the likeness of the patient in promotions and other materials for the purpose of fundraising and/or public relations of the amutah or the dental clinic.