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Procedures & Conditions

Procedures and Conditions for the Operation of The Hope Clinic


HaTikva Project


Registered Amutah 580570018

The following are the general conditions and procedures for the operation of the dental clinic of Amutat HaTikva Project. The following information will be made available online and in the clinic for the public’s knowledge:


  1. Amutat HaTikva Project was founded in 2013 by members of the Messianic Jewish community in Israel in order to provide aid to the needy. As part of their operations the amutah operates a dental clinic which among other things is designated to provide health services to underprivileged populations and the needy.
  2. The clinic is operated by the amutah and is not registered as a separate entity.
  3. The clinic will open its doors to the general public and provide dental care at a reasonable price.
  4. Patients who face financial challenges are welcome to request discounted care in accordance with the criteria which is set by the amutah and enumerated below.
  5. The clinic is operated as a non-profit entity. All income which is received in the form of payment for treatments will be used to cover the operational expenses of the clinic which will enable discounts to be offered to the needy.
  6. The members of Amutat HaTikva Project are members of the Messianic Jewish community. With that being said, the clinic is open to the general public and provides care without any consideration of a patient’s religion or race. To be clear, care will be provided to all and no one will be required to change their faith as a condition for receiving treatment.
  7. Every patient will be required to sign on the provided waiver and agreement form before treatment will be provided. In the event that the patient is a minor, he must present a waiver form signed on his behalf by his parents of legal guardians before receiving care.
  8. The clinic will receive payment for treatment in cash, check and via credit card and will allow for the price of care to be broken into a maximum of 5 payments.
  9. The clinic retains the right to refuse treatment to any patient for any reason and based solely on its own opinion.

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